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Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' P9 (0.5l)

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T. Rex is one of the very best architectural plants for your garden with huge ornamental foliage. Perfect with ferns for that prehistoric look garden! Is hardy enough in ' in southern and western areas, it may need protection in cooler areas, just mulch the root area with leaves/bark etc. leaving a small gap around the stem. It will grow back from the base if cut back by sharp frosts, otherwise will grow into a small tree. It certainly grows better in sheltered spots, being a natural woodlander type of plant, so a nice fertile and well drained soil will suit it perfectly.
It suckers readily, giving plenty of the dramatic foliage and can grow to about 4 metres in height. Deciduous, so loses it's leaves in the winter.
Supplied in a 1 litre square pot it will grow quickly from the spring on. If purchasing in the autumn or winter you ccan pot into a 2litre pot, using a good quality compost and plant out in the late spring where it should grow very rapidly.

Photo. © Citron / CC BY-SA 3.0

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