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Sarracenia readii 'Farnhamii' -Hybrid Pitcher Plant 9cm

A semi-evergreen perennial to 45cm, with slender erect pitchers with attractive white markings from one parent, S. leucophyllum, and purple and red veins from its other parent S. rubra; This rare, naturally occurring hybrid has tall, attractive orange-red flowers from late spring.
In all but the coldest areas it can be left outside on a floating raft with the roots below the water and the base of the trumpets just above. In particularly cold areas they can be kept in water in a cool greenhouse or cold frame.
Potting soil is just peat and/or sphagnum moss. they do not need feeding as they catch their own! Insects fall into the pitchers, inward pointing hairs stop them escaping. They don't dissolve their victims as other carnivorous plants do, but allow them to decompose in the pitcher and obtain their nutrients that way.

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