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Darlingtonia californica - Cobra Lilly 9cm


A fascinating insectivorous plant rarely offered. This species is related to the Sarracenias and works in the same way. The differences are profound with the top of the pitcher hooded, looking a little like the common name of Cobra Lilly. the traps are transluscent, the light passing through cnfusing the flying prey that will inevitably fall to their demise.
Care is similar to the Sarracenias but with a couple of important differences. They enjoy the same planting media of 50:50 peat moss and perlite, and they need the same rain water or distlilled water (generic bottled water can be used but make sure it is not mineral water). The water must be changed frequently as this species does not like stagnant water. The water also should be cool so avoid having it open if placed on a sunny windowslill (it likes full sun). To avoid overheating the water, shade the water with shaped cardboard or similar. This does require a little extra care but is worth it for the fascinating pitchers.

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