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Adiantum x mariesii (Maries's maidenhair Fern)

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AGM Deciduous and hardy (USDA zone 7) Eventual height to 45cm.
Another fabulous, very elegant fern, hardy in all but the coldest areas. This is a vigorous sterile hybrid between A. capillus-veneris (which it closely resembles) and another unknown maidenhair fern (possibly A. aethiopicum. It is quite robust and spreads slowly to form a very attractive clump. This variety can only be propagated by tissue culture, hence its scarcity but it is an exceptional fern and has been granted an AGM for its garden value. If you haven't had much luck with the less hardy A. capillus-veneris try this one. Just give it a sheltered situation and moist well drained soil.

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