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Adiantum capillus-veneris (The Maiden Hair Fern)

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Semi-evergreen, height to 30cm. Hardy in very mild areas, though protection advised in cold winters).
This pretty species is the solitary member of this genus in Britain and Ireland. It is a cosmopolitan species, found in warm, damp places around the world, including Wales, Devon, Cornwall and southern Ireland.
It needs warmth, shade and moisture to grow well and given these conditions it is easy to grow. It prefers a limey soil so a touch of dolomitic limestone can be added to the potting mix. The fronds will die back if subject to frost, but stays evergreen if kept warm over the winter.
The species name means 'Venus Hair', alluding to the thin, dark stems. This has been noted as the most attractive of our native ferns, especially where it grows in abundance.
This fern has historically had a number of uses. It used to be used as an expectorant, from the Arundel Manuscripts "It mundifyeth the lunges and the breste, and cacceth out wykede materes in hem". It is prepared by simply pouri

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